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A marketplace is a marketplace or online platform where goods and services are bought and sold. The marketplace can be compared to a large market where you can find the same products from different brands and brands on the same counter. On marketplaces, buyers search for the goods and services they need and choose the best options according to the parameters that are important to them, for example, manufacturer, features, quality, price, etc. e. It is important to note that the marketplaces themselves are for the most part only a link between the coverage and the consumer.

The most important difference is that the online store represents the interests of its own business, and all actions are aimed at its further development. The marketplace is not interested in the development of any company or brand, for it the most important thing is to increase the number of sales on its own site. Online stores also, as a rule, have strict restrictions on the choice and offer goods within one or several niches (appliances, clothing, food, pet products), and on trading floors you can find absolutely diverse types of products and buy everything you need in one place.